i.t.a. dreams in reels of copy then wakes in the morn to powder the nose. siding with the dark horse, utterly obsessed with the perverse and profane; i.t.a.’s life is like the pages of a magazine: glamorous, textual and sensually excessive.

web devel


asa speaks in noughts and ones, a language he’s quite prone to. known as the master blaster to his colleagues in the trade; he spins virtual realms of luminosity into the web. seen conjuring traffic with his sprightly strumming of the keyboard, beatific to behold.

creative director


design, well graphically speaking peggy is the best you can do. her fingertips send bolts of creativity into the main vein of any project she deems worthy of consideration. there’s a permanent line of them out front of her studio; palms outstretched, just itching for the latest hit of visual stimulation.

photographic editor

chica loca

chica loca swings her camera like an axe. behind the lens on the front line of any happening; zooming in, the moment caught by no other: snapshots of ambrosia. in the studio her discerning eye can pinpoint the grail in any strip of negatives.

powder magazine

is a group of writers, artists, graphic designers, photographers and web designers from around the globe.