the cactus channel

the cactus channel are the totally hip and happening ten-piece instrumental soul outfit are producing a funky, afterhours tempo for clapped-out cats hidden in the shadows at the back of the smoky barroom. hailing from the mean streets of melbourne, they produce an earthy, horn-laden sound that’s dreamy and personal and all so real in an internet age, when so many laptop producers are taking over the airwaves.
www. the cactus channel site

viva labang

viva labang is a drag performer with sixteen years experience behind her, she is the founder and national manager of the rainbow army, and has become a force in queer advocacy and activism. she is most well known for staging a marriage equality demonstration in front of fred nile's second wedding. viva is currently preforming with the political satire troop the comics are revolting and she has just been appointed as the editor at large of lgbt radar's new magazine launching early next year.

simon burke, the meltdown

led by singer and front man simon burke, the meltdown bring songs inspired by memphis soul, ray charles-esque countryfied gospel and a taste of the blues. they are the newest group to join the hopestreet recordings stable, and a perfect fit for the label's no-nonsense, real performance ethic.

gina tron

gina tron is a writing robot. she is the features editor for ladygunn magazine and has contributed to such magazines as vice, bullet, and the daily beast. she is editor-in-chief for williamsburg fashion weekend magazine. gina doodles up quick drawings designed for entertainment on her tumblr and is working on finishing her first book.


adam dare

dare "paints because [he] has to. [he] has no choice in the matter". this heartbroken, blind bunny has earned him the nickname "the bunnyman", and the inspiration for his unofficial slogan "ain't about the money, all about the bunny." the brooklyn-native is a veteran of the nyc art scene, who’s been spraying the walls since 1980. his works are a pastiche of iconic symbols: from broken hearted bunny's and skulls to playing card royals. for the most part, adam is self-taught, learning from books and a weather of life experience.
dare creates a fusion of hip-hop, punk, and heavy metal aesthetic in his grafstract expressionist & urban contemporary art.


ghalamDAR, which means “the writer” in farsi, was born in tehran. he stepped into the art world in two thousand and six and has been constantly working as a graffiti artist since two thousand and eight. from twenty eleven to twenty fourteen, he teamed up with elf crew, the first graffiti crew in iran, and painted plenty of projects. he experiments and creates using calligraphy, miniature painting (negar-gari) and folk objects as parts of his subject inspirations. traditions have directly inspired ghalamDAR to challenge the dominant pictorial material of iranian street art aiming for developing an aesthetic with particular iranian markers. his works share an affinity with the interlocking aesthetic of “wild style” graffiti and traditional calligraphy which demonstrate an amalgamation of these two cultures.


eyetooth is the pseudonym of sydney artist and illustrator oscar nimmo. he completed a bachelor of design in architecture at the university of sydney, in 2014. as a way of distracting himself from the design work he should have been doing, oscar delved deeper into his interests in drawing and character design, often choosing the streets of sydney to test and display his ideas. once finishing his university degree oscar has been able to focus more on his artistic and illustrative pursuits, having his first solo exhibition at blacklisted gallery in surry hills, displaying his work at the workshop makery and doing graphic design work for music heavy weights astral people and future classic.

paint jamaica

the paint jamaica project started in july twenty fournteen when a group of jamaican artists and a french traveller got together and decided to bring art into the streets of kingston in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. the idea at heart was to change and revolutionize the relationship between art, talent and society. however, along with creative expression, paint jamaica had a greater social cause which was to change the negative stigma around kingston's inner cities. with this vision in mind, the team embarked on a ten day project of beautifying the walls of a gigantic abandoned warehouse at forty one fleet street in parade gardens- an inner city that few kingstonians had been to, yet even heard of.

bryan saunders

bryan saunders is a tennessee-based experimental artist and stand-up tragedy performer. he’s well known for his daily self-portrait project that he’s been conducting since march thirtieth ninety five. he’s now completed over nine thousand, five hundred self portraits. saunders caught world attention when he created a series of self portraits under the influence of various drugs. he’s now undertaking a new major work called we don’t need another doctor, we can run our own tests, a series that explores the realms of the unconscious.

susanna rose sykes

susanna rose sykes is a melbourne-based artist. the art school graduate’s pieces create a juxtaposition between carnal themes and tender tones. she’s obtained a bachelor of fine art, a graduate diploma of art and a graduate diploma of fashion design. currently she is exhibiting around australia and has a huge following on instagram.


shelbie dimond

shelbie dimondis a 22 year old photographer, model & actress currently residing in the san francisco bay area

aaron feaver

aaron feaver is a multi-disciplinary photographer currently based in los angeles. a traveler in his youth, aaron moved around until planting his feet in portland, oregon. as an adult aaron moved to la to pursue graphic design, and only four sweet years ago realized his passion for photography. aaron's work is prismatic, suffused with dewy lighting and stunning compositions. pulling inspiration from the people around him, it's easy to see why la is home. he is proudly represented by nouvelle vague la.


louise carter

louise is a writer who once spent an entire year writing one poem per day – an experience which, while worthwhile, is not one she would recommend. at the moment she is working on her first verse novel, called warm in the belly of a monster. when she’s not writing, louise can be found baking cakes and talking to cats in the street. she lives in sydney.

paulina noir

paulina's mother used to read her de sade at bedtime. she fell in the street early on and her mind has been in the gutter ever since. she grew into one of the most stunning specimens and helps cuties with their relationship problems.

mattias tello

mattias tello is a poet from arica, chile. he’s taken part in the poetry workshop ,em>mal. he was in charge of a local magazine for several months in twenty thirteen. he’s studies teaching at tarapaca university. currently he has his own poetry blog we didn't start the fire.

karlina veras

one hundred percent dominican made londoner. she's crazy about avocados, olive oil, limes and cocunuts too!
she's been playing piano since the age of fifteen. in her twenties she got into film scoring and has done music for a few short films and trailers.
she's into painting (mainly flowers), life drawing, writing, tai-chi and ballet. under her ambitions is to be a published writer and do a painting exhibition by this coming summer.


fred canonge

i was born and grew up in paris, where i'm based. a suburban kid and a dreamer with an enquiring mind, i was soon fascinated by distant lands, peoples and differences, until i realized i just had to pack my bag and go... an image lover since my young age, my passion for photography kept growing over the years, with a strong desire to observe the lives of my contemporaries, lives made of essential little things. thus, humans remain the centrepoint of my work, with always the same concern to develop a relationship of closeness and trust with the subject. nature is also a great source of inspiration for me, as i can spend hours contemplating intense pieces of landscapes.

josh león

josh león is a madrid-based photographer, whose early hobby of photography turned into a way of life. photography allows him to communicate his inner world with those around him. his shots depicts the dream world, where surreal images convey stories of melancholy and loneliness. these tales arise within and his lens brings them to life. he seeks to create and preserve these dark inner feelings through his photography.

jo seaquist

jo seaquist is a visual artist in california that creates photo-based fictions. she often appears in her work, alone and with models.

pop snap

my photos are mostly about colour - the painted backdrop of the everyday view . of course these colours all came from a can of paint - the human touch on the contemporary landscape. my work falls into two time-frames – seventy six to eighty three, and twenty ten to the present. for some inexplicable reason, i took a twenty five year time-out in between. - pop snap

dietmar temps

accomplished media designer and photographer dietmar temps lives in cologne, germany and has amassed almost 20 years in the media business. his first professional position as a photographic assistant took him through the whole of europe and across the ocean to america. after that he studied photo and media technology at the cologne university of applied science. currently he mainly undertakes photographic and internet projects with the focus on travel photography, social networking and video streaming. on his travel blog he writes about beautiful spots around the world that he’s recently visited. he’s taken many photo trips to africa, and also to south america and asia. his photographic work is published in many books, magazines and travel blogs.