issue nineteen: lemon
november, twenty fourteen

oranges are not the only fruit, now are they gorgeous… there’s lemons. and lemon be the new issue of powder.

it’s been such a scissoring time here at the powder studio, we’ve scarcely had a moment to look up from our mangoes. the amount of dental dams we went through just getting this issue together is, believe you me, utterly atrocious.

and then there was that thing that happened with that blow-in from the pub. just what was that device she was carrying? anyways that’s another story and probably we don’t need to focus on that right now.

but let me tell you, tis such a pleasure to have you along once more.

so it’s a bit of a hip hip hooray, as we’re going on two years with this issue and to help along the little celebration, we’ve our artist friend bryan saunders back with another one of his bizarre art projects. this one’s slightly on the psycho side, we don’t need another doctor, we can run our own tests.

and we’ve got so much more art coming out of our panties it just ain’t funny. susanna rose sykes from melbourne with her pastel flavoured pieces, graces our pages. while eyetooth gave a look into his otherworldly creatures. plus paint jamaica are doing an amazing job of beautifying the inner city streets of kingston.

so you gots any street? i hear you ask. and it’s like, what do you reckon… adam dare kicked us from brooklyn with his old school brand of street art, whilst ghalamdar gave us the lowdown on the changing face of the tehran brand.

and listen, guess who dropped by powder to fill us in on what she’s been up to. that’s right drag activist extraordinaire, viva labang. mmm hmm and boy did she give us the word on what’s going down on the political agenda. on top of that we got access to her current photo shoot. believe you me, you have to check out these pics.

speaking of photography have we got some blessed gems in this issue. shelbie dimond’s soft hues from san fran are simply divine. glamour, glamour, glamour is just what aaron feaver is about. boom shanti in asia with fred canonge. dreamscapes from josh león and jessica bialkowski takes us right round the world.

and i got the time to speak with melbourne-based ten piece instrumental soul outfit, the cactus channel. you’ve just got to check these guys out with their earthy horn-laden sound.

i’m so proud that long time contributor gina tron has released her first book, you’re fine. she even found the time to have a little chat with me about it. ms carter is back with a verse about the capitalist nine to five drag. ms veras gave us some mystical insights into the bittersweet side of life. and from chile, mr tellos produced some whimsical thoughts.

but as always, it’s you i’ve truly been longing for between powder issues. you with your creased, wet lips, spent thighs and longing breath. can you hear the crickets chirping as we stroll through the forest at night? alone i take you by the nape and plunge down into your throat with my tongue muscle. you seem a little bashful at first, somewhat unsure of yourself. but once you gaze down upon my fishnets, all indecision flies off. and it’s you, oh so you, i lust after, but first i’ll let you get your face stuck into the powder.